Choosing the Right Material For Your Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

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Outdoor kitchens make an excellent addition to any home, providing a place to gather and spend time in the great outdoors while still enjoying the comforts of home. If you are interested in installing an outdoor kitchen or are looking into remodeling your existing one, one of the most important decisions you will have to make is what material to use for your outdoor kitchen countertops. Here are a few materials to consider and the pros and cons of each.

Choosing the Right Material For Your Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

• Granite – There’s a reason granite has become such a popular option for countertops in recent years. Granite is both durable and beautiful, making it an excellent choice for outdoor kitchen countertops. It’s incredibly dense, which means it’s harder to scratch or bang up, and as long as you regularly reseal it, it will last you for many years. The biggest con about using granite for outdoor kitchen countertops is that it absorbs heat exceptionally well and can become extremely hot if exposed to direct sunlight. It is best for outdoor kitchens that are covered or shaded.

• Concrete – Concrete is a popular mid-range option for outdoor kitchen countertops. Although it is a manufactured material, concrete countertops can be designed so that they are comparable to natural stone. The most significant benefit of using concrete for outdoor kitchen countertops is that it can be reinforced, unlike other countertop materials. Concrete is susceptible to staining and scratching, so regular resealing is essential. It is also prone to cracking, so reinforcing it is highly recommended if that is something your builder offers.

• Quartz – Countertops made from quartz can be more expensive than other options, but their durability and beauty make them well worth it. Quartz tends to turn yellow or change color when exposed to direct sunlight, so it should not be used in outdoor kitchens that have no cover or are exposed to direct sunlight. Quartz is also resistant to staining and scratching, a significant benefit for an outdoor kitchen.