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Polystone Countertops Charlotte NCPolystone is crushed granite in a resin.

It is maintenance free, seamless (most L-Shapes are literally all one piece), will not stain, non-porous, and it never has to be sealed. There are over 60 Colors and they come with a bevel or full bullnose edge at NO EXTRA COST.

The kitchen and bathroom sinks are truly molded and one piece with the polystone countertops. Every other product will take a pre-made sink and seam it in.

One of the greatest advantages of PolyStone countertops is that they are completely repairable. This is a great feature for those unexpected accidents that with most products you would have the expense of replacing the entire countertop.

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At Carolina Custom Countertops in Charlotte, NC we design and install custom countertops that meet your specifications for your kitchen or bathroom.